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Get Machinery Loan

Machinery term loan is available the purchase of old/new machinery, Every manufacturing unit in India can meet their business expansion requirements with Plant & Machinery Loans. Give your business all that it needs to grow. Get a business loan of up to Rs. 25 crores for purchase of equipment, required for facility expansion, modernisation of existing plants and new projects.

Loan Starts From 10,000 to Upto 1 Crore

Avail loans up to 25 Crore
Receive up to 100 % finance for your Commercial/ Construction Equipment*
Tenure up to 6 years
For purchase of new and refurbished Industrial Machinery
Avail Commercial/ Construction Equipment Finance on an entire range of equipment at attractive interest rates
Primary Security will consist of Industrial Machinery being financed*
Unique finance products
Flexible tenure options
Easy process
Minimum documentation

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Loan Simple Process

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Simple procedure

Less Document

No Security or Guarantors