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About Us

Milestone Finance is an online leading aggregator of financial products and services. It algorithmically stratifies lenders with borrowers in the bottom of the pyramid. Being a financial technology company, we enhance the probability of loan for under banked consumers by filtering customer data points with lender’s parameters and finds the right fit. We’ve taken the credit parameters of over 40 banks/ NBFCs/ MFis and put it together in a machine learning program and when we collate 58 data points of a customer’s creditworthiness, capacity and collateral to borrow, we connect the borrowers to right lenders.

We believe that unlike the common perception, every customer need is different and every customer has a different priority. And that is why Milestone Finance is revolutionizing the Loan marketplace in India by giving you the power to choose and tailor services according to your needs and requirements.

Our experts are always on call to help you right till the loan disbursal. Backed by a team with top notch banking expertise, we are the only service providers bringing such a vast range of options to our customers. So whether it’s your dream home, dream holiday or your dream wedding, or anything you ever wished for but couldn’t achieve due to lack of finances, don’t worry as we, Milestone Finance will make it come fulfill.